Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Launch Event

A big thank you to everyone who came to our free launch event of our Social Enterprise on Friday 1st March 2013. It was a great success and we received lots of positive feedback from professionals who attended the day. Thank you also to Buszy for allowing us to hire their venue and to their staff who helped us throughout the day :) 

Free talks were given by both Dr Miriam Silver and Jen Wilson on the topics of attachment, perinatal and parental mental health and the Social Enterprise model.

Around 70 professionals attended the day from a variety of backgrounds, including those working in the Social Care, Health, Education, Voluntary, Community, Legal, Parenting and Child sectors as well as professionals providing attachment related services to children and families.In addition those wanting to find out more about our services, in collaborating with us or commissioning us to provide therapy, training, consultation, evaluation and/or research were also invited to attend. 

Some of the positive feedback we received about the day included…

“The attachment in the classroom and perinatal sessions consolidated what I knew and gave me significant food for thought!”

“Every session had something to provoke thoughts or practice changes.”

“I will use what I have heard today to help me and my colleagues develop the work that we do and to give supporting evidence to senior staff of what work we need to do.”

“Clear, informative and accessible information.”

“The gaps you have identified are spot on! The services you are planning, I so agree with the early preventative need!”

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